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Hold the Fire: Fire Sprinkler Systems 101

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Fire sprinkler

Since its invention in 1812, fire sprinkler systems have been saving lives. In fact, when sprinkler systems and hardwired smoke alarms are present, the home fire death rate is 90% lower than if there were no system.

This life-saving technology can quickly extinguish a fire in its room of origin. Since it uses less water and pressure than a fire hose, it causes little property damage. Fire sprinklers protect an array of buildings and properties, both commercial and residential.

How Fire Sprinkler Systems Work

Contrary to popular belief, fire alarms are triggered by high heat, not smoke. When hot air – heated to between 135 to 165 degrees – comes in contact with a glass bulb inside a sprinkler head, it heats up the glycerin-based liquid inside. Since this liquid expands when it is heated, it will eventually cause the glass bulb to shatter. This, in turn, activates the sprinkler head.

The water in a fire sprinkler system is pressurized, which allows it to spray outward to more thoroughly douse the fire and prevent it from reigniting.

Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

There have been many different types of fire sprinkler systems developed over the years. These include the following:

Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

With this kind of fire sprinkler system, there is always water in the pipes. This allows for quick reaction times to fires inside the property. Wet pipe fire sprinkler systems are the most common type of sprinkler system installed in buildings.

Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

Dry pipe fire sprinkler systems use pressurized air in the pipes. When a fire is detected, this air exits before the water escapes, causing a little delay in the discharge of water. This type of sprinkler system is perfect for buildings with cold temperatures so that the pipes do not freeze.

Pre-action Fire Sprinkler Systems

A pre-action fire sprinkler system is like a combination of the dry pipe sprinkler system and the wet pipe sprinkler system. Like the dry pipe system, the pipes in a pre-action fire sprinkler system are full of pressurized air. A pre-action valve keeps the water from flowing into the pipes.

For water to be discharged from the sprinklers, two things need to happen: first, the system must detect a developing fire for it to open the pre-action valve, allowing water to flow into the pipes. Second, the individual sprinkler heads must open. Only then can water flow to the fire. This kind of fire sprinkler system is ideal for buildings like libraries and data centers, where there are items of high value.

Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems

A deluge fire sprinkler system is much like a pre-action fire sprinkler system, except the pipes aren’t filled with pressurized air and the sprinkler heads are already open. This sprinkler system is connected to a water supply through a deluge valve that is opened by a fire detection system, which is installed in the same area as the sprinklers. When the fire detection system is activated, the water flows through all the sprinkler heads in the system. This type of fire sprinkler system is perfect for buildings that are considered high-hazard areas.

Fire sprinklers are an important part of any fire prevention system. When you need fire sprinkler contractors in Utah, you should turn to Certified Fire Protection. We are a full-service fire protection entity that has been providing high-quality equipment, service, and installation since 2002.

For more information on our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Secure Your Business Without Compromising Your Employees’ Right to Privacy

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Security camera on the 2nd level of the buildingSecurity cameras are vital for any business as they help you protect your assets from criminals. Burglars, for example, tend to avoid homes with security systems. It’s worthy to invest in security camera installation in Utah, but there are certain factors that you need to consider to prevent conflicts. One potential area of friction could be compromising your employees’ right to privacy.

Breaking Down Employee Privacy Rights

As an employer, you want to monitor the performance of your employees when they are at the workplace. Monitoring can be through different channels, including email, computer and workstation, and audio and video, among others.

When it comes to video monitoring, security cameras can help you maintain honest employees and efficient operations. You can also use surveillance cameras to discourage theft in your store or to identify the employees who are performing well.

Although federal law does not prevent video monitoring, using security cameras in your business comes with certain limitations or restrictions to avoid compromising your employees’ right to privacy. It’s important that your employees are aware of security cameras installed in your establishment.

Utah law places limitations on an employer’s right to monitor employees when it comes to surveillance. Of course, workers are not likely to have an expectation of privacy when at work; businesses don’t have full authority to keep an eye on them at all times. For example, you may not install hidden security cameras in private places. These places include areas in your office or establishment where employees can expect to be safe from intrusion or surveillance, such as bathrooms or locker rooms.

Understanding these limitations can help you strategically position your security cameras in the workplace.

Strategic Locations of Security Cameras

Installing security cameras in the right areas is not only easier for you to catch possible thieves, but it also gives your employees peace of mind. Your employees may appreciate how much you value their privacy, as well.

The front door is an ideal location for security cameras, be it for homes or businesses. Burglars are more likely to enter your establishment through the front door. Place your security camera at the second-floor level to prevent criminals from tampering with your camera.

Windows that are not in direct view of the street are also an ideal location for placing security cameras. Burglars prefer going through these windows because of they’re not likely to get caught. That’s why these areas increase your chances to catch the culprit.

The number of cameras varies depending on the size and layout of your business location. It’s best to invest in feature-packed cameras to make the most out your money.

Choosing the Right Security Cameras

The quality of your security cameras plays an important role to achieve an effective security system. There are two primary types of cameras, including Internet protocol (IP) cameras and the traditional analog cameras.

When it comes to the resolution, IP cameras are more powerful than traditional models. IP cameras can usually shoot footage between 1 megapixel and 5 megapixels, allowing for clear image quality and a larger field of vision.

We not only use top-grade products that meet your requirements. Our team also provides unparalleled workmanship for efficient security for your business without affecting your employees’ right to privacy.

Contact us today, and our team will help you learn more about our products and services.

The Aftermath of Major Fires in Utah is Bad News for the Residents’ Health

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Utah Fire StationUtah is no stranger to fire accidents, and every year the state experiences a “wildfire season.” According to Federal statistics, Utah’s wildfire season has been the seventh worst in the country since 2002 in terms of acres of territory burned.

The Real Causes of Utah’s Fires

Surprisingly, accidents caused by natural wildfires are only a percentage of challenges facing Utah. In fact, the leading cause of fires in Utah is “equipment,” which covers flat tires, electrical malfunctions, chainsaws, and other types of machinery that can catch or start a fire. As of August 15, 2018, the “equipment” category accounted for 35 percent of Utah’s fire incidents with a known cause. Right behind it at 24 percent is “debris burning”, following “campfires” which accounted for 11 percent of the fires.

These categories show that more than half of Utah’s fires were caused by human activities. And possibly even human negligence. The numbers in 2017 were worse as statistics by the National Park Service revealed that human-caused wildfires account for 90 percent of the state’s wildfire accidents.

Serious Health Risks of Wildfire Aftermath

In August this year, Utah was met with at least four major fire incidents that resulted in not only thousands of acres burnt land but also in poor air quality. State officials had to advise people to limit their time outdoors to minimize their exposure to smoke. The air quality remained unhealthy after a few days, and the government had to send a warning to the general public to be wary of health risks.

Since wildfire smoke is a mix of different gases obtained from burnt crops and building materials, some particles can get inside the respiratory system. When they do, these particles can increase the heart rate, and trigger chest pains and asthma attacks. Many people also experience headaches, sore throats, and even fatigue. The effects on children can be more severe since their respiratory system is still developing and they inhale more air per pound of body weight than adults.

Immediate Response to Fire Accidents in Utah

Protect your family from the health risks of wildfire accidents. Certified Fire & Security specializes in immediate fire protection services in Utah that go beyond protecting properties and belongings. Our team is comprised of licensed and highly experienced technicians who are qualified to install and maintain fire alarms, fire sprinklers, and other necessary fire protection solutions.

We partner with some of the biggest and most trusted brands in the fire protection industry to provide your home with the right technology against fire hazards. Through our partnership with these brands, we are able to give you high-quality products at reasonable and competitive prices.

Our work is guaranteed to meet or even exceed building codes and regulations to provide you with peace of mind. As one of the top home security companies in Utah, we have made it our mission to meet all manufacturer and system specifications as well as guidelines set by the National Fire Protection Association code.

Enhance the safety and security of your home with quality fire protection solutions from Certified Fire & Security.

Get in touch with us today.

5 Things You Should Teach Your Kids About Fire Safety

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Home AlarmFire is difficult to fight once it has already started. But there are things you can do to prevent a fire from happening at home. Some of the things you can do are the responsible use of power outlets and extensions, proper storage of cooking oil and other flammable materials, replacement of faulty wiring, and not smoking at home. It will also be a big help if you hire a company that provides fire protection services for your home in Utah.

At Certified Fire Protection, we can help you draft a comprehensive fire prevention plan and install fire protective equipment in your home.

Of course, as an adult, you probably know at least the basic things when it comes to fire prevention. However, your kids may not. As a parent, you are responsible for educating your kids about fire, the dangers it brings, and why they should not play with it. Here are some other things you can teach your kids about fire safety:

The Evacuation Plan

Every home must have a comprehensive evacuation or fire escape plan that they should discuss with the family regularly. This plan should not be complicated especially if you have young ones at home.

Walk your kid through the plan, step-by-step. Then, practice it together. Time yourself during the evacuation practice. According to the American Red Cross, you only have two minutes to escape during a home fire.

The Function of Smoke Detectors

Your kids may be taken aback the first time they hear the alarm of a smoke detector. This is why it is crucial that you teach them what a smoke detector is and how it functions. Once they get the concept, teach them to notify you or an adult if they hear the alarm go off.

You should also teach them how to call 911 and talk to the operator so if the alarm goes off while they are home alone, someone can come to help.

On another note, you should regularly change the batteries of your smoke detector so it functions properly.

The Doorknob Test

In the event of a fire, you may not be sure if the next room is already in flames. What you can do is to check if the doorknob is hot or warm. If it is hot, it usually means the fire has spread to the other side of the door. Meaning, it’s time to look for another exit.

Instruct your kids to use towels when grabbing things to avoid burns. They should also know that wrapping a damp towel over the head and face will help reduce the chance of suffocation.

The Stop, Drop, Roll Technique

Your kids should know not to panic if ever their clothes catch fire. You should teach them the stop, drop, and roll technique. Demonstrate the technique to them and have them practice it with you.

If this incident ever happens, your kids’ calmness and alertness can help minimize injury. Running without thinking might worsen the situation.

Using the Fire Extinguisher

If you have older kids, you should teach them how to properly use a fire extinguisher through the PASS technique. It instructs the user to pull the pin, aim the stream to the base of fire, squeeze the lever gently, and sweep from side to side.

You can practice this with them and allow them to use the fire extinguisher themselves.

Teaching your kids all these things will give them the confidence and knowledge to deal with a fire. Practicing these points means your kids will be ready for a fire emergency should it happen.

Here at Certified Fire Protection, we will help ensure your safety, as well as that of those you hold dear to you. Reach out to us today so we can work on a comprehensive fire protection system and evacuation plan for your Utah residence.

Beware of DIY Alarm Systems and False Sales Pitches

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Burglar trying to unlock a door with stolen keyFinding the appropriate alarm system for your home may be difficult. As a homeowner, you want what is best for your property, but you also want the best value for your money.

Do not be fooled by promises of easy and low-cost solutions or scare tactics that pressure you into buying expensive security products that may not be appropriate for your home. Some cheap systems are not always the safest, and not all expensive products are effective for your security needs.

At CertFire, our alarm systems in Utah come with a team of professional inspectors, installers, and technicians to help you find the best security solutions for your home. Our services focus on quality, providing you with safety and security at fair prices.

The Rise of DIY Alarm Systems

Some security companies advertise DIY home security systems as an affordable option for homeowners on a budget. Instead of advanced home-automation technology or security systems monitored by the company, homeowners can opt for those cheaper self-monitoring systems.

DIY security systems cost less and do not come with a monthly fee. DIY security companies claim homeowners receive a better sense of control over their security system. But are all homeowners capable of handling their own safety and security?

Because their system is self-monitored, homeowners will be responsible for taking appropriate action when the alarm sounds. If the homeowner is away and no neighbors are present to call authorities on their behalf, the trespasser may escape before anything can be done to stop them.

On the other hand, a professional security system alerts authorities automatically. While it may cost more, it is an effective layer of protection that is worth the investment.

Fraud Security Companies & Salespeople

The Consumer Federation of America recently released its 2017 Consumer Complaint Survey Report and found an increase of people complaining about the way home alarm sales upsell products or convince people to purchase added security measures using fear tactics. The complaints range from misleading sales claims to scare tactics to fraud.

Based on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2016 data, there were roughly over a million home burglaries in the United States. Salespeople know how to exaggerate or lie about the statistics to emphasize the need for more security. Because buying a house or refinancing a loan is public information, security companies and individual sellers target new homeowners who may not have a security system yet.

To avoid falling prey to these kinds of dealings, it is best to check the company’s background. Search for reviews from customers, awards, and other affiliations that strengthen its credibility.

Like any homeowner, you want enough security to deter trespassers and protect your property. But you should not sacrifice quality for cutting costs, and neither should you be overspending for systems and other products that will not be effective for your home.

Beware of these attempts to provide security products with poor quality or too many products that will not work in one home. If you want security, seek the right company that provides comprehensive solutions at fair prices.

CertFire leads the fire and security industry in western US. We have the license to operate in five states and are a premier leader in innovative solutions.

Contact us today for a free estimate.

Protect Your Business: Preparing Your Employees for a Fire Emergency

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Fires are largely unpredictable events, but these accidents can occur every day. Surprisingly, they happen because a majority of businesses lack emergency preparedness. The consequences of this oversight could be grave: it could result in productivity losses and property damage.

Hiring a fire protection service in Utah is a good way to protect your business and stay on top of potential hazards at your facility. This type of service also helps to prepare your team for the worst and educate them on the importance of fire safety.

Create an Emergency Action Plan

The actions taken during the first few minutes of an emergency are crucial. This is why every company needs its own emergency action plan.

An emergency action plan is a document that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires. It guides employers and employees during an emergency. Consulting the checklist can help equip workers with the essential skills and tools during unexpected disasters.

A good emergency plan contains the following:

  • Escape route diagrams – Every emergency action procedure should come with a floor plan that shows all the possible evacuation routes in a building. These include primary, secondary, and exterior assembly exits that everyone can access. Indicate fire extinguishers, standpipe stations, fire alarm pull stations, and fire lanes on the diagram for easier reference.
  • Evacuation policies – These procedures explain crowd control techniques, methods for reporting incidents to the fire department, and how to assist persons with disabilities during an emergency.
  • Tasks for specific team members – It helps to have people on the team who can conduct rescue and medical duties or assist employees in evacuating the building. Some individuals can even stay behind and do critical plant operations if possible.

Educate Employees on Fire Prevention Methods

The proper preventative training can prevent a fire from igniting. These reminders can help train workers in preventing a fire:

  1. Ensure adequate ventilation while using chemicals in areas with heat sources
  2. Store flammable products like paper, boxes, and linen away from heat sources and cooking surfaces
  3. Stay on top of maintenance schedules to reduce the buildup of flammable grease
  4. Dispose of cardboard boxes and other flammable items properly
  5. Keep hallways and emergency exits clear in case of an evacuation

Additional training and hands-on practice can also help employees respond to fire emergencies properly. Some useful training sessions businesses can conduct include:

  • Fire drills – A successful emergency action plan lies in conducting regular fire drills. These exercises can help employees practice their roles and responsibilities in case a disaster strikes.
  • Fire extinguisher training – This teaches employees how to use a fire extinguisher so they can put out small fires to prevent further damage and injuries.
  • Shutdown procedures – Employees who go through this training can stay behind and shut down critical building operations.

Optimize Fire Safety with the Right Help

Certified Fire Protection is a licensed fire and security protection company that has been serving the western United States since 2002. Its factory trained technicians are qualified to install fire protection equipment, including fire alarms, sprinklers, suppression systems, and more.

We offer innovative solutions at an affordable price. Contact us to discuss your fire protection needs today.

The Benefits of Installing Home Security Alarms

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Home AlarmHaving a security alarm installed in your home may be a significant investment, and it can provide enormous benefits over time. Security alarms can detect intruders in any poperty and deter potential burglars and uninvited guests from entering. It also offers many more benefits.

If you feel like your home needs an extra layer of security, here are some reasons adding a security alarm will be useful for your home.

If you are considering calling up alarm companies in Utah for your alarm system, why not give us a call? We are the leading industry provider licensed to provide exceptional service, products, and other solutions in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, and Wyoming.

Peace of Mind

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there were over 1.5 million reported robberies in 2016, which accounts for nearly a fifth of all reported property crimes. That amounts to a total loss of $3.6 billion or around $2,361 for every burglary. Almost 70 percent of burglaries were committed in residential properties.

With home security alarms, you receive the peace of mind that your family or household is less likely going to become a part of this year’s statistics. Security alarms can prevent burglaries from happening and deter burglars from taking your belongings.

Lowers Cost of Insurance Payments

Adding a professional alarm to your home can lower your insurance payments. Many insurance companies offer low rates for households that have security systems installed, or pay extra for services such as home monitoring because their homes are seen as less of a risk. According to HomeAdvisor, you can offset the cost of a security alarm system by lowering insurance costs by up to 20 percent.

Increase Home Value

Having a home security alarm can increase the value of your property. While other forms of home improvements can increase one’s property value, a simple security system such as an alarm is an important one many real estate buyers consider when looking at property.

Long Distance Access

One reason to install an updated home security alarm is when you are traveling and do not have someone to watch the house for you. When your house is empty, it is vulnerable to potential intruders.

Many of our security alarm products provide remote access for you to monitor your home while you are away. You can be alerted when your alarm sounds even from a distance.

These are just some of the benefits you can expect when you install a good home security alarm system in your home. While updated and high-quality systems will prove to be an investment, you will want one so that you can protect your safety, your finances, and yourself and the people living in your home.

Certified Fire Protection offers advanced alarms and other security products at fair prices. Your safety is our priority, and we have the skills and experience to create the best solution for your home and commercial properties.

Call us today to mitigate security risks in your home.

4 Signs Your Home Security System Needs an Upgrade

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Exterior of modern houseA security system is necessary for your home. It protects your property from fire, burglary, break-ins, and other threats.

While home security systems are a long-term investment, they don’t hold up forever. Technology is a rapidly growing field, and home security is no exception. After all, innovative surveillance systems lead to a safer home.

Let Certified Fire Protection enhance your home’s security by installing a home alarm system. We use the latest home security systems in Utah with cloud-based capabilities and virtual controller features.

To ensure your home’s security, we’ve compiled a list of the signs that let you know your current security system needs an upgrade:

1. Your Security System is Over 10 Years Old

A majority of homeowners consider security systems a once-in-a-lifetime investment. Just like home appliances, however, your home’s security requires replacement over time. Technology changes quickly, so you’ll need to keep up with new components to maintain the safety of your property and family.

Criminals are using new techniques to bypass security systems. By using an outdated system, your property is more vulnerable to invasion from thieves. An automated security system allows you to prevent break-ins.

2. You Own a Hardwired Security System

Some outdated security systems are easier to disable than others. This is because they connect with response centers through a hardwired telephone line. These old cables are easily cut off and disabled by burglars, however, enabling easy access to your property.

Wireless systems, on the other hand, are harder to disable because they use cellular transmitters. The equipment sends and receives messages over networks, making them harder to crack.

3. A Lack of Support and Up-to-Date Features

Home security companies regularly upgrade their software and features for every customer’s peace of mind. Your home security provider should, therefore, equip your security system with up-to-date features. As a result, they should make it convenient for you to update or add new features to your system.

4. It Only Works When You’re Home

Burglaries are a crime of opportunity, and criminals often strike when they know that your house is empty. With an automated home security system, you can rest assured that your property and belongings are safe. You don’t even need to be at home to hear your alarm go off.

We install home alarm systems with virtual controller features that allow you to monitor your home from anywhere. Use a remote control to ensure the security of your property during certain situations, like when you’re on vacation or have elderly visitors at your home. You’ll have the opportunity to view video footage, lock and unlock doors, and control lights to protect your home from invasions.

You can be home without being present by accessing your security system’s features 24/7 from your mobile device.

Wireless home security systems provide you and your family with the best protection against crimes and invasions. Certified Fire Protection is a trusted provider of dependable security systems, and you can count on us for quality workmanship at an affordable price.

Contact us today.

Keeping Your Employees Honest and Your Operations Efficient with Security Cameras

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CCTV on the wallSurveillance cameras are like digital eyes watching over your business. And they play a critical role in keeping your workplace safe and sustaining your business.

It’s easy to consider security camera installation in Utah for safeguarding issues. To some, they may seem like portholes: useful only when a person looks through them. It’s a passive kind of job, they might say, but reliable surveillance cameras can secure your business and give you a high return on investment.

Monitor Work Operations

Surveillance cameras not only protect your business against burglaries and break-ins. You’ll find these devices useful in tracking your operations. It sounds mean to think of your employees stealing from you or doing bad things when you’re not watching, but it’s sometimes an unfortunate fact. Seventy-five percent of employees steal; in 2017 it was found that employee theft accounted for an average of $1.13 million in business losses.

Through security cameras, you can keep tabs on your business. These digital eyes can serve as a way to catch your employees in the act. Besides, if employees know they’re being watched, they’ll think twice about committing the wrong deed.

Keep Your Workplace Safe

By protecting your employees, you’re protecting your business, as well. This is why it’s important to mount surveillance cameras at the entrance and exit points, and in parking lots. They’ll feel more at ease to walk to their cars at night.

This tactic can help prevent vandalism, burglaries, break-ins, and other crimes that can happen to your store or office. Surveillance cameras don’t only catch criminals; they watch, protect, and secure your employees, your company, and even your clients.

The safer your employees feel in their workplace, the better they’ll perform. Efficiency boosts productivity, helping your business lead to more profit.

Lower Insurance Costs

Security cameras can help you save money on your business insurance. Plenty of insurance providers now offer discounts on insurance rates when you buy security cameras for your company.

It’s critical to invest in measures that prevent high insurance premiums. If you have a reliable indoor and outdoor surveillance system, your insurance provider knows you’re taking the right steps to safeguard your company from anything that may disrupt your business operations. This assurance makes their job easier. It assures them that your business is less of a liability for their part.

Honest Security Technology for Protection

Let’s go back to the primary purpose of these devices. It’s to provide a high level of protection to you and your assets, and that’s what our products and services can do.

We have the latest in home security cameras, from remote monitoring systems down to the cloud-based security devices. You can rely on our installation services, as well, matched with unparalleled workmanship at the best prices.

To find out more about our products and services, contact us and we’ll help you out.