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We are a Utah based fire & security company serving part of the western half of the US. Certified Fire & Security takes pride in leading the industry in services and innovations.

Providing professional quality design and installation for commercial and residential fire & security applications since 2002.

Whatever your fire & security needs are, we can help.

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We are a Utah based fire & security protection company serving the western United States. Holding licenses in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, and Wyoming. Certified Fire & Security Protection takes pride in being a premier leader in the industry, providing exceptional service and innovative solutions.

Knowledge is Power

Our solid background in a variety of equipment and systems have earned us an impressive track record. This extensive industry experience allows us the confidence to meet any unique challenge and deliver excellent solutions.

Reliable Experts

Our team consists of highly skilled inspectors, portable and kitchen hood installers, fire alarm technicians, and field sprinkler fitters. Don’t forget, response time is what we are known for.

Raving Fans

Our growing client base is a testament to the quality of service we deliver. Whether a residential or commercial property, our team will keep your needs and budget in mind.

Committed to Quality

Our work is guaranteed to meet or exceed building codes and regulations. Providing peace of mind that comes from our desire to be thorough upon completion of the project.

One of the Most Trusted Home Security Companies in Utah

As one of the top home security companies in Utah, Certified Fire & Security is a trusted source of top-quality fire protection and security products at fair prices.

When we opened our doors in 2002, we made it our mission to protect the communities we serve by providing a complete range of fire protection and safety solutions, including high-tech home alarm systems. Today, we continue to provide the level of customer service our loyal clients expect from our knowledgeable and warm staff, while updating our inventory with the latest industry equipment.

The Certified Fire & Security team is factory trained and licensed in five states. We make sure that the work we do meets all manufacturer and system specifications, as well as the guidelines set by the National Fire Protection Association code.

Strategic Fire Prevention

As a company that has been serving the community for almost two decades, we have gained valuable insight into circumstances that may pose fire hazards. Our many years of service armed us with sufficient knowledge regarding prevalent fire breakouts in Utah homes and commercial spaces. Over the years, we have also managed to upgrade our skills in inspecting and maintaining your alarm systems in Utah to make sure these will work properly during critical moments.

TheCertified Fire & Security team creates a detailed fire prevention plan around this knowledge. As every property faces different potential fire risks, we make sure to come up with a unique plan for every client that covers every contingency.

Enhanced Safety and Security

From a company that offers mainly fire protection services, we have expanded to include safety and security services.

Now one of the leading home security and alarm companies in Utah, we carry an array of top-of-the-line security products, such as security cameras and burglar alarms. We also feature various product models from some of the best brands. Whether you need basic security cameras and alarms or systems that allow remote monitoring and management through the cloud, we got you covered.

Our award-winning team is grateful for all the support we continue to receive from our customers. Allow us to return the favor by giving quality protection and safety solutions to the community.

Call us at 801-281-0746 or fill out our form today for a free consultation or estimate!

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